The Black Adoption Project – creating better futures for Black adopted children in London

Black & Mixed Ethnicity children

Families from all London communities continue to change the lives of many vulnerable children.  Our aim is to support families as they complete their very own adoption journey. If you are considering adopting a Black child, don’t rule yourself out, please talk to us first. It’s about providing a loving, safe, and stable home for the child that counts.

Celebrating London's diverse adoption communities

We have hundreds of adoptive families who represent the diversity of London and the children we need families for, but we always need more Black adopters. We especially want to hear from African, Caribbean, and mixed ethnicity families who can positively promote children’s identity and ethnicity – and raise them in a family home.

Families who can adopt black children and those with a mixed African or Caribbean heritage background are needed; to share and teach them about their history and culture. Families who are also able to make space at their table, promote their family traditions to enhance children’s self-esteem, and help them find their place in society.

Listen to five black women talk about adoption

Five Black British women talk about adoption from their own perspective, as part of the Black Ballad Presents: The Survival Guide podcast series, hosted by editor Jendella Benson. Including four adoptive mums and the voice of the adopted person Shania, co-founder of Adoptee Futures. Click the link here to listen to the podcast in full.

Adopting a black London child

We want to hear from black and mixed ethnicity families. We are committed to providing you with the skills and support to adopt, regardless of your background, ethnicity, sexuality, age, status or income. We want you to feel valued, respected and supported, and we’ll treat you with sensitivity and understanding. As long as you have the time, energy and commitment to loving, caring and raising a child, we’d like to hear from you.

We welcome you if your ethnicity and culture is different to that of the child you adopt. We ask you to celebrate and promote their background and become a multi-ethnic family that embrace all that is different. We’ll ask you about the diversity within your own family and friendship groups and how you would support a child to understand their culture and ethnicity and promote their sense of identity in the world we live in today.

“I think one of the most fascinating things you can do after you learn about your own people is to study something about the history and culture of other people.” Alex Haley.

Talking about adoption

New podcasts featuring the well-known voices of Joy Carter, Carrie & David Grant, Lemn Sissay and Sinitta, are now available to listen to on Soundcloud as well as all usual podcast apps.

These explore and debunk many of the common misconceptions about adoption, and you’ll hear them share their first-hand experiences of adoption.

You can find out more about the adoption process on our Want to Adopt page or read about Our Children.  Why not follow us, @adoptlondonuk on social media for the latest news, events, and updates.

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