It’s National Adoption Week 18-24 October. Watch the new #youcanadopt campaign film.

We Are Family

We Are Family is a peer to peer support community by adopters, for adopters. They are here to support families throughout their adoption journey. Online and in person, parents’ groups, events, resources and talks offer mutual support, information and inspiration to adopters and those considering adoption. We Are Family believe that by coming together, sharing experience and understanding, adopters can help each other to thrive. Founded and led by adoptive parents, We Are Family reflects and responds to its members, helping them navigate the challenges and joys that adoption brings.

We Are Family partner with Adopt London to provide WAF Talks, the successful webinar programme for adoptive parents. Specialist webinars run for We Are Family members throughout the year and can be watched back at any time after the event through the Members Hub. See the list of past WAFTalks Webinars.

Membership is free and open to families from Stage 1 of the UK adoption process and anyone who has had a child placed or adopted. To join WAF Talks live or watch any of the talks on demand, as well as to access support groups and resources please join here. If you are already a member and want to register for a talk login here.

October’s Webinars

Thursday 7 October, 8pm

Social Media and Teens: How to look after your family with Helen Oakwater, founder of FAB parents, an adoptive parent, speaker and coach.

This session will look at how adoptive parents can prepare themselves for contact and future proof their children whilst respecting the needs of the birth family. Through understanding the ‘why’ you will feel empowered to make courageous, compassionate decisions.


Thursday 21 October, 8pm

Adoptee Futures presents Adoptee Voices: ‘What we wish you knew’ with Annalisa, Shania and their panel of expert adoptees.

Adoptee Futures is the first UK adoption organisation made by adopted people, aimed at everyone involved in adoption with adoptees at the centre.

Adoptee Futures aims to help create a better future for adoption by reclaiming the adoption narrative, re-framing the world’s view on adoption, and helping adoptees heal through their trauma to evolve into the best versions of themselves.

Join Annalisa, Shania and their panel of expert adoptees as they draw vulnerably from their life experience to tell you what they wish you knew. They will touch on important topics such as: honesty, trauma, identity as an adopted person and much more.

WAF Talks Webinars

Since the COVID19 pandemic We Are Family have hosted a number of evening online sessions with adoption experts; adopters, adoptees, therapists and professionals, tackling and discussing a range of subjects. These include education, trans racial adoption, the impact of past trauma, contact and much more. Members are welcome to take part through the Q&A, or just listen in, but many agree how valuable the sessions are and the benefits they feel just being part of this safe and supportive community.

‘I feel much better prepared for the transition and what to expect from the school’

WAF Talks Webinar: How to choose a secondary school, and help them understand your child’s needs with Jane Pickerden and Gabrielle Pelter – 9 September 2021


‘Very much welcomed, and informative for ALL caregivers of teens!’

WAF Talks Webinar: Teenagers and behaviour – how we can support them to thrive with Adele Bates, Behaviour and Education specialist – 20 July 2021


‘There is a lot more to music therapy than music!’

WAF Talks Webinar: What about music therapy? With Crystal Luk, Music Therapist – 8 July 2021


‘…how precious it is to be able to listen to adoptees and birth parents and other adopters.’

WAF Talks Webinar: Contact and Identity Workshop with Julie Young, Centre for Research on Children and Families – 20 May 2021


‘Really good … excellent speakers and of all the training/reading we’ve done, I still find their advice some of the most helpful.’

GBB Therapeutic parenting speakers event – 12 January 2020


‘I am a single adopter who has never been able to attend one of these sessions in person and really hope you will continue with the Zoom platform moving forward.’

Adoption Support available with Adopt London South – 9 March 2020