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We Are Family

We Are Family is a peer to peer support community by adopters, for adopters. For ten years they have supported families throughout their adoption journey. Online and in person, parents’ groups, events, resources and talks offering mutual support, information and inspiration to adopters and those considering adoption.


Support for adoptive families

We Are Family believe that by coming together, sharing experience and understanding, adopters can help each other to thrive. Founded and led by adoptive parents, We Are Family reflects and responds to its members, helping them navigate the challenges and joys that adoption brings.

We Are Family partner with Adopt London to provide WAF Talks, the successful webinar programme for adoptive parents. Specialist webinars run for We Are Family members throughout the year and can be watched back at any time after the event through the Member Hub.

Membership is free and open to families from Stage One of the UK adoption process and anyone who has had a child placed or adopted (check to see which level of membership you are eligible for). To join WAF Talks live or watch any of the talks on demand, as well as to access support groups and resources please join here. If you are already a member and want to register for a talk log in here.

WAF Talks webinars and April events

Details of new WAF Talks webinars will follow soon, but in the meantime, if you are already a member, here’s a message from the WAF team:

  • As we transition into spring and embrace the season of renewal, we’ve curated a selection of valuable resources from our Member Hub to support you on your journey. Explore the importance of self-care and mindfulness with Sheila Moses of Mellow Moments. With 11 years of experience as a tutor for the 16+ age group, Sheila has successfully introduced mindfulness programs for children as young as five, equipping them with essential skills to manage emotions and reduce anxiety.
  • Additionally, take a look at our WAF Talk on “How to Care for Yourself When There is No Time for Care” with Marine Bernier, where you’ll learn how to build your self-care kit.
  • You can also revisit “The Importance of Maintaining Self-Care and Resilience for Family Wellbeing” with Randhiraj Bilan, who shares valuable insights into nurturing healthy children and supporting them in prioritizing self-care.
  • We are also excited to offer a fantastic opportunity from one of our WAF members, Nikki Daniel. Nikki generously provides all our members with a complimentary subscription to her daily online wellness classes. We understand the importance of wellness and self-care for adoptive families, and we’re thrilled to share this opportunity to support your overall wellbeing, emotional health, and musculoskeletal wellness.

Head over to the WAF Member Hub for links to all the above sessions, and many more.

For members with children placed, there are lots of opportunities to meet with adoptive families – with playgroups, family Meet Ups or a group for single adopters, plus there are online sessions too.


If you’d like to get more involved, there is an opportunity to join the We Are Family Board of Trustees – with two new volunteer roles available, Company Secretary and a Treasurer.

If you are not yet a member, and you’d like to know more about We Are Family or hear from members, take a look at their blogs and/or listen in to their series of podcasts, produced in partnership with Adopt London. See below for all the details.


Adoption Shared podcasts

Adoption Shared is a unique podcast produced by We Are Family in partnership with Adopt London.

adoption shared on mobile

In each episode, our host, Eddie Elliott, meets adopters and professionals who share their insights and experiences of the adoption journey from various perspectives, which inform, support and amplify the adopter’s voice and community. With over 10,000 downloads across the first three seasons, we are proud that these valuable conversations are impacting our members and the wider community.

Season 4 of the Adoption Shared podcasts focus on children with additional needs.

Episode 1

Host Eddie talks with Andrew in this episode, who candidly shares his family’s experience of adopting a child with additional needs. You can gain insights into the realities and hurdles families face navigating this unique journey. Listen to the Preparing for adopting a child with additional needs episode by clicking the link or by searching ‘Adoption Shared’ on your regular podcast platform.

Episode 2

In this episode, Eddie meets Esther who speaks about building resilient families and her journey with adoption.  Esther also shares her work with the SEND Survival Guide and Emotional Freedom Tapping technique.

Each episode in this series will be released every other Thursday, just visit the We Are Family website for these and each new episode.

Previous season


You’ll also find links to Season 3 of Adoption Shared. Hosted by Eddie Elliott, these episodes focus on Black Voices – sharing the joys and challenges of adoption in the Black community. Click to listen to Adoption Shared.

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