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New Membership Offer from WAF

29th November 2021 News

We Are Family (WAF) membership is now open to those at Stage One and beyond. WAF membership is FREE and membership is open to anyone who is going through or has been through the UK adoption process, or has adopted outside the UK and is now resident in the UK, or was previously resident in the UK and a validated member who has since moved abroad. Members at:

Stage 1  – Folks exploring and considering adoption, including those in stage 1 of the assessment process have access to selected resources, a regular newsletter, PLUS the WAF blog and Adoption Shared podcasts.

Stage 2 – Prospective adopters in stage 2 of the assessment process will be able to access the above PLUS resources, attend talks and join specific peer support groups and events.

Stage 3  – Approved adopters, those family finding and pre-placement will be able to access the above PLUS join specific events aimed at family-finding peer support.

Stage 4 – Approved adopters with child/ren placed will be able to access all of the above PLUS participate in family-friendly events and join peer support sessions.

The new WAF Membership categories are driven by the need to connect the right people together at the right stage, to enable the sharing of experience and building of communities. For a brief tour of the resources available to WAF members including tips on how to get the best of your membership watch the Member Hub Intro video.

Please Join WAF

If you are looking for support and community we encourage all adoptive families to consider becoming a FREE member of We Are Family. More details about joining are available here.

When you become a member, you will receive regular updates about We Are Family activities, events, and resources. To make the most of your membership, you will need to opt-in to joining the WAF mailing list. You can do this within the sign-up process and update your preferences at any time.

Updating details for current members

Many of the WAF services have moved online which has changed the way that they will provide membership support to you in the future. Their services and communications will now be tailored so that they contact you with information that is more relevant to your specific needs at the point in your adoption journey at which it is useful. To access your improved membership offer and to help comply with data protection, all current members should please take 5 minutes to update the details that WAF currently holds about you. You will need to share:

  • What stage you are at in your adoption process and which is your assessing authority.
  • Your mailing list preferences, and
  • your current contact details.

Until you update your details, you will have limited access to the Member Hub and programme of events including not being able to attend Talks and Events for those at Stage 2 and beyond.


For further general information, please visit the WAF FAQ webpage or the new membership offer FAQ webpage.

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