Talking to Adopters

Some of the best and most inspiring people to talk to you about adoption are those that have already adopted. They can relate to your questions, concerns, apprehension, fears and excitement better than many; they’ve probably been through most of it themselves. Adopt London will be there to support your adoption journey, just get in touch and we can look to put you in contact with someone with real life experience.

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Peer to peer support

To have access to the experience and knowledge of someone who has been through the process, is invaluable and can be a great source of comfort. Plus being able to help others is wonderful.

If you’re an experienced adopter and feel you could share your insight around the adoption assessment process, introductions, post placement/order or adoption support services, we would love to hear from you.

Adopters say that the following topics were frequently covered:

  • The assessment and matching process;
  • The settling in phase;
  • Becoming a new family;
  • Settling in at school;
  • Behavioural concerns
  • How to be the best advocate for your child;
  • Support letterbox contact

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