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Adopt London West Support

At Adopt London West we appreciate the effects of early trauma and separation and are committed to offering you the best support. The services you can access will depend on your circumstances and we will be happy to discuss these with you.

Adopt London West Support

Here at Adopt London West there are many ways we help our families. When a referral has been made, we will assess your needs and recommend the best services for you, or we may suggest that you make an application to the Adoption Support Fund.

Currently we offer:

  • A local therapeutic surgery run by an independent charity PAC-UK, which provides confidential advice and counselling
  • An adoption support assessment to consider what support your family might benefit from
  • Therapeutic support via an application to the Adoption Support Fund
  • Consultation with ALW’s clinical psychologist regarding the most appropriate therapeutic intervention. This may be directly with the psychologist or via an adoption support social worker
  • Six half-termly evening education support seminars facilitated by an educational psychologist
  • Training on further developing adopters’ therapeutic parenting skills via support seminars
  • A six week ‘Foundations for Attachment’ training to develop adopters’ understanding of how trauma affects children – available 3 times per year. We will endeavour to ensure families are offered a place within the first-year post placement
  • Linking with an experienced adopter who will provide informal support and guidance
  • Reimbursement of the adoption application fee
  • Support with facilitating contact arrangements – direct and indirect – via our letterbox system
  • A regular newsletter, with articles and training events taking place locally, as well as changes in legislation and new initiatives
  • Regular virtual social events for parents held either during the day or in the evening
  • An annual fun event to enable adopters and their children to get together with other adoptive families
  • Special Guardians’ virtual support coffee morning, hosted by two of our support social workers
  • Foundations for Attachment Training for Special Guardians

We have a dedicated support team who can provide you with advice and support. Please email [email protected] or call 0208 825 5241.

Adoption booklets and guides for children and young people

Supporting children in understanding adoption is important, as are their feelings about being adopted. We’ve produced some information that can be shared with children.

We have produced two adoption support booklets that explain the support available and who to contact if children want help in understanding their feelings around being adopted:

A Children’s Guide to Adoption Support – suitable for young primary school-aged children.

A Young Person’s Guide to Adoption Support for older children.

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