Adopt London is joining the #YouCanAdopt campaign to welcome families from all communities, and especially the black African and Caribbean communities.

Celebrating London's diverse adoption communities

We have 100s of adoptive families who represent the diversity of London and the children we need families for, but we still need more black and mixed ethnicity families.

We’re encouraging potential adopters from all communities to find out more about adopting a child. At Adopt London, we’re giving people thinking about adoption the opportunity to meet parents who have already adopted at online Meet The Adopter sessions, to find out more.  The sessions are informative and you can ask your questions directly to an adopter and find out what it’s really like to adopt a child.


Adopting a black London child

In the midst of a pandemic, adoption is firmly in the hearts of the black community. Results from a recent survey show black people have positive and altruistic views around adoption.

Eighty percent of people asked, said they have already adopted, or would consider adopting a child in the future. Whilst this is positive news, there are some barriers stopping them from coming forward. Finances, not feeling their home is adequate or worries about their age or what people might think.

  • Your gender, relationship status, ethnicity, age, religion or sexuality doesn’t matter, if you can love and care for a child, #YouCanAdopt
  • Providing a safe and stable home for a child to grow is important. #YouCanAdopt
  • Overcoming events in your life experience can help you support a child manage theirs. #YouCanAdopt
  • Adopting a child is rewarding and life changing, there may be a few bumps in the road but the support is available. #YouCanAdopt
  • Every child needing adoption has a story, but their future can be changed for the better, #YouCanAdopt

The adoption process has changed over the years and ultimately, most people can have the qualities to be a good parent and this campaign wants to support you to feel confident that you are capable of adopting. #YouCanAdopt

Reflecting on her experience, adoptive mum Fran says:

“The best thing about adopting is knowing that you’ve made a constructive change to someone’s life and that they have done the same for you. My daughter has made my parents grandparents, my brother an uncle and my friends Godparents. I’m honoured to be her mum, she is such a blessing. To anyone in the black community considering adopting I would say absolutely go for it. There are children out there who need support and love and you can add so much value and make a difference to their lives. Your situation – if you are single, married or older for example – won’t matter, if you can provide a loving and nurturing home, I’d say go for it.”

You can read Fran’s story here, or hear from Carol, Henrietta and Jennifer.

#YouCanAdopt Film

To help shine a light on the diverse range of families who can adopt, a new film has been released featuring families who are encouraging others to think about adoption. You can find out more about the # You Can Adopt film in our blog.


Talking about adoption

A new podcast series is available to listen to on Soundcloud, featuring famous voices such as Anna Richardson, Lisa Faulkner, Harry Derbidge and Annie Price, who talk to families about the adoption process and the journey they took to adopt their children. You can find out more here.

Follow us, @adoptlondonuk on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we’ll let you know as soon as the podcasts are available or use #YouCanAdopt on your social media to find out more.

You can find out more information in our Want to Adopt page or read about Our Children who need a new family through adoption.  

You can find out more on the You Can Adopt website.

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