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Help! I’m adopting a child

26th March 2021 News

Patricia Dopemu’s story will help you understand the importance of adoption and the blessings that come from providing a loving home to a child.

The day we finally brought our son home, made what seemed to be a never-ending adoption process worth every step of the way.

Looking back, we realised that every aspect of the process is necessary and crucial, not only to ensure the safety of the child, but also to equip the prospective adoptive parents with the tools essential for the journey ahead.

We discovered that the social workers and other child adoption experts involved in the process were not against us, but that every action and decision taken was in the interests of the child as well as for us the family.

I decided to write my book – ‘Help! I’m adopting a child’ because after going through the entire adoption process, there were a lot of lessons I learnt that I thought are valuable and would be good to share with others who are considering child adoption. The book is also to encourage more black and ethnic minority families to choose adoption as I found that the joy and reward of providing a black child with a warm and loving home and shaping their future positively is priceless!

There are various useful and informative tips in the book, which will be a guide to anyone who intends to go through the adoption journey and make it all easier for them. Some of the issues raised in the book are things we were not aware of as well as those we did not consider before we started.

The book is a good read for anyone considering child adoption, and those who have already started their adoption journey but would just like to see things from the perspective of an African family. It is encouraging sometimes to realise that certain challenges we face are not unique to us. The book would also be an ‘eye opener’ for those simply curious about child adoption or the process.

Help! I’m Adopting a Child by Author Patricia Dopemu is now available at and other Major Book Retailers.

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