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9th December 2022 News

At the end of this summer, statistics were released about the number of black African and black Caribbean children waiting to be adopted. Evidence was shared that many have to wait longer than other children. The reason – is that there are not enough black families who are considering adoption. This news springboarded the choir to decide on a song with a distinctive African beat for their Christmas video and we are happy to share their version of Pentatonix’s ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’. This is a popular Christmas hymn that signifies and celebrates coming together to encourage, inspire and lift your spirits. Watch now.

Working in collaboration to record the audio and film the video is just another demonstration of how the Adopt London Choir has turned into such a generous, loving, and committed community. This year’s Christmas song is as much a celebration of each other’s joys and support when times are hard, as it is an opportunity to start of the festive season.

The Adopt London Choir isn’t just a choir, it is the lifeline for many of the choir members. The songs they practice and record are chosen specifically because they are uplifting and provide real joy for the whole family to participate in. Megan is an encouraging and understanding choirmaster and helps to ensure that those who join become part of a supportive community. Singing brought the members together, but Megan has provided the platform that has nurtured them into a network; much like an extended family.

The members meet every week. They sing together, laugh together, and share their private experiences of adoption, the highs, and the lows. Overall, they have created a support group that cares for and look out for each other. Despite the fact that their experiences and backgrounds may be different; they have a bond and a connection that is not just about singing. Everyone just gets what is going on and they demonstrate this with genuine displays of love and support. “Megan’s choir is like some kind of healing balm,” said choir member Jay.

Taking time out on a Tuesday evening to sing provides a wonderful opportunity for respite, relief, and self-care. Members are so appreciative of the opportunity to have a giggle at the end of a hard day and grateful to the other like-minded members who just get what you are dealing, with out explanation. There is no judgment and members are able to share and learn from each other. It is priceless!

Singing lifts the spirit and many of the songs they choose to sing bring meaning to the adoptive narrative, which makes the sessions even more special. For some, the choir provides a fun activity that the children can join in. Being able to sing together, especially during lockdown when the whole family was fed up when many were working from home all the time on the laptop, has helped to create a connection, and it is amazing how they look out for one another.

The children take so much comfort in the fact that everyone on the screen has adopted, or is adopted. It is wonderful to not feel like you are the only one, and to know that there are other children and adults just like your family; out there doing the same as you, singing and coping, and coping and singing.

We hope you enjoy listening as much as the Adopt London Choir enjoy meeting for their practice and recording a tune at the end of each term to share with you. If you are an approved adoptive parent living in or are connected to one of the 24 Adopt London boroughs, you can email Megan at [email protected] for more information about joining.

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