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Black families tell their adoption story

11th October 2023 Blog

Watch these You Can Adopt films featuring three Black families; Azumah, who adopted her son with her husband, Jacqui, a single mum with a son who went on to adopt her foster daughter and Pearl and Errord, parents to twins boys and their adopted daughter Amara, who also talks about her experience.

They tell us about their adoption journeys, and what the process was like for each of them. Like every adoption experience, theirs is unique. As well as the amazing experiences, adoption has challenges too that has brought them together as a family.

All three families have come together to share their life-changing stories.

This film also has reflections from social worker Sherifa, who says,

‘As with any child joining a family, it doesn’t happen overnight. … and because it’s a life-changing decision, [the adoption process] does need to take some time.’

Are you inspired to adopt?

Please share this film with your network. If you or anyone you know is inspired to change a child’s life through adoption, take a look at our Black and Mixed Ethnicity children’s page. You can also sign up to a Meet our Adopters online session and ask questions about their experience.

For those thinking about adoption, we encourage as much research as possible about the early life experiences of children who need adoption, and the impact of separation and loss. Every child will need a loving, nurturing, and supportive family with parents who can promote and support their culture and identity. They need guidance and a style of therapeutic parenting that helps them manage life after what is usually a traumatic, chaotic, and disruptive early life.


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