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Adopt London Choir – That’s Christmas to me

20th December 2021 Blog

The festive season is here and the Adopt London Choir is back with a Christmas song that not only gets you in the mood, but also demonstrates the friendship, support and sheer enjoyment of a group of adoptive families and staff. They have come together in what has been another year none of us expected.

Choirmaster Megan Tanner and choir members chose a song by Pentatonix ‘That’s Christmas To Me‘ (arrangement by Mark Bymer). Choir member Charlie says,

We chose the song because it evokes a sense of joy and nostalgia.  It shows the love and warmth we want our children to feel (at all times, not just at Christmas). After nearly two years singing together (virtually) with Megan, we’ve created our own support network which has been invaluable during the pandemic.   One of the lines says, ‘The only gift I’ll ever need is the joy of family’, which our choir has now become.   

Support is not just for Christmas

The Adopt London Choir is a wonderful initiative created for adoptive families and adoption workers as a means of offering an additional layer of support to families who may be struggling with the multiple challenges of being a parent, particularly during the COVID pandemic. The impact has been brilliant. Singing provides so many benefits from a positive effect on well-being to meeting other like-minded individuals, and just experiencing that feel good factor!

The virtual choir meet every Tuesday at 7.30pm. They’d love more people to join. Here’s just some of the feedback from members:

‘I truly look forward to our Tuesday night choir. Megan is the nicest, funniest, caring person I know. She makes our choir. I have made friends for life. The advice and support we give each other about adoption is so valuable. It is more than just singing. It’s an adopt family.’

‘The Adopt London Choir is more than a choir – it’s a family and support network. Every song Megan picks for us has meaning to all of us and I think this is a reason why we enjoy it so much and come back each week. Megan makes every week so fun and enjoyable and her enthusiasm is so infectious. For me choir gives me time to do something I love doing and do it with people that have the same passion.’

Boost your well-being for 2022

If taking out a little time for yourself is something you’d like to do in 2022, why not join the choir? You don’t need a great singing voice, it’s a chance to meet other adopters and enjoy some ‘me time’. Sign up directly with Megan Tanner by emailing: [email protected]

Adopt London friends and supporters Carrie and David Grant say, ‘Sing yourself happy’. Watch their welcome video here for all the benefits of singing in a choir.

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