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What is adoption really like?

16th September 2023 News

If you want to find out what adoption is really like, come along to one of Adopt London’s ‘Meet The Adopters’ events. These events provide the opportunity for potential adopters to hear from Adopt London’s approved adopters. You will listen to them talk openly and honestly about the assessment process, panel, matching, introductions, contact with birth family, accessing support and education, and life as a family.

 “Great amount of information delivered charismatically.”

You will hear inspiring stories from a range of adopters, who may be single, from the LGBTQ+ community, adopters with a transracial placement, Early Permanence adopters, adopters parenting more than one child either because they have adopted a sibling group or because they have come back to adopt a second time.

They will talk openly and honestly about the all aspects of family and you can have your questions answered by the adopters themselves.

“I loved the richness of the information, honesty, openness of the speakers.”

If you are worried about what’s really involved or whether you’ve got what it takes to welcome a vulnerable child into your home. Sign up to any of Adopt London’s Meet The Adopters events to hear from our experts who will provide honest, upfront and transparent information that will help you to understand what adoption entails.

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