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2nd July 2020 News

WAF Talks is a new webinar programme Adopt London has recently launched with We Are Family (WAF). WAF members suggest topics relevant to issues they are currently facing and then WAF find speakers to discuss these topics and provide Q&A sessions.

Topics covered so far include: returning to school, dealing with violent behaviour and managing adopters’ stress and fatigue.

WAF Talks will be providing 2-4 live webinars a month. The sessions are also available for members to access after the event too.

How can I join?

The webinars are free to join for adopters and approved prospective adopters (during Stage Two). You just need to sign up for WAF by visiting their website here: www.wearefamilyadoption.org.uk

Don’t forget to check this blog for a list of sessions held each month

Upcoming webinars

6th October, 8pm

“Personal experiences of a transracial adoptee” with Shania Sophia. Transracial adoptee, host of a YouTube channel, speaker.

20th October, 8pm

Julie Young, Senior Researcher at University of East Anglia, talks about helping children and young people to manage contact with their birth family and make sense of their adoption. Many adoptive parents, young people and birth families have shared their stories and perspectives in a range of studies at the University of East Anglia and beyond. How best can we learn from their experiences?

12 November, 8pm

“Introduction to NVR: the non-violent resistance parenting approach” with Rachel Braverman

All WAF Talks webinars are recorded and available to WAF members. Previous sessions include:

  • “Practical support for families that live with Childhood Challenging Violent and Aggressive Behaviour” with Al Coates MBE
  • “Boosting Personal Resilience” with Simon Pimenta
  • “School’s Out for Summer – Part 1″ and “School’s Out for Summer – Part 2” with Stephen Hoult-Allen, Headteacher
  • “Communicating with Children using Life Story Therapeutic Tools” with Richard Rose “Attachment Sense: The Sensory Side of Attachment” with Caireen McGlashan, Children’s Occupational Therapist (OT)
  • “‘The role of virtual heads with previously looked after children” with Virtual School Heads
  • “Therapeutic Parenting: 17 Tips for Survival and Thrive-al” with Sally Donovan, Author, Speaker and Therapeutic Parenting advocate.
  • “Preparing and managing the return to school for children. What schools and parents can do” with Stuart Guest, headteacher, blogger, speaker and trainer for trauma informed schools.
  • “5 strategies for parents of children who have difficulty managing aggressive behaviour” with Tosha Score, parenting coach, trainer, speaker and parent.
  • “Reflective Parenting: What makes me the parent that I am?” with Katherine Mautner, senior clinician, specialist trauma and maltreatment services at the Anna Freud Centre.
  • “Webinar with Dr Clair Burley. Chartered Clinical Psychologist, advocate for therapeutic parenting, organiser of the Adopter Summit”

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