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Poem by birth mother Margaret Yates.

22nd October 2021 News

This is a poem written by Margaret Yates who is a Birth Mother from South London who was reunited with her adopted son, David, in December 2017, after 47 years. You can read Margaret’s 1971 adoption story here.

Adoption is a lifelong experience.

Our Child, Our Child whom we held within us, close to our heart, for 9 months.
Our Child who was rocked to sleep by the rhythm of our heartbeat.
No court order or legislation can take away the fact that we gave birth to Our Child.
No one, nothing can take that away from us. We know this in our hearts.

Our Child who connected to our energy as we connected to Our Child’s energy.
We are bound together.
Whether Our Child dies or is adopted, that energy, that golden cord, that bond, will always be there.

Our Child slips into our thoughts always on Our Child’s birthday, at Christmas, and sometimes Our Child will just slip in and catch us unaware.
For a brief moment time stands still, and we acknowledge Our Child’s presence within us, around us, we feel their energy, that bond.

We visualise for a moment how they might look, where they might be,
we trust that all is well with their world…….
and then we let them go with love.
Adoption is a life-long experience.

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