LGBT+ History Month 2020

2nd February 2020 News

man with child

Adopt London has a great record of LGBT adoptions in our 23 London boroughs, and this LGBT+ History Month, we’re joining many organisations in celebrating this exciting and celebratory month.

Families from the LGBT community continue to change the lives of many of our most vulnerable children, and across the 23 Adopt London local authorities, we have worked with many LGBT families and supported them to achieve positive outcomes for children who wait for adoption.

Looking at the facts – 490 adoptions to same-sex couples in 2019 – that’s one in seven adoptions in England according to the statistics released by the Department of Education last year. This number of adoptions to same-sex couples in England in 2018/2019 is the highest number in a single year, raising the previous record from 450.

Tor Docherty, chief executive of New Family Social said: ‘it’s fantastic to see the increasing number of children finding their new forever families in England with LGBT+ people. In every adoption case, the needs of the child must be paramount and these figures show that a number of agencies now work hard to consider a broader range of potential parents.’

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