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How to talk to your child about COVID 19

23rd March 2020 News

The current messaging around the Coronavirus (Covid 19) can be worrying for children. It’s OK for them to be curious and concerned about family and friends, and we can support them as best we can. We’ve listed a range of advice for children and young people of all ages that we think could be helpful in explaining the virus and it’s impact.

Flourishing Families Clinic

This specialist NHS clinic is piloted by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Their guide can be useful in supporting parents explain Coronavirus – How to Talk to Children about COVID 19

A story about Coronavirus

You may want a worksheet that easily allows younger children the time and space to talk about Coronavirus. They can draw how they are feeling while learning about the virus. This printable colourful guide explains Coronavirus in a way children will understand, and helps them make sense of how the virus spreads, and how they can prevent it coming to their home. Hello Coronavirus 

Print off a keep a copy of this handy poster for young children – Wash Away Coronavirus

Coronavirus information for kids online

You can also view these websites with your child, whatever their age:

Brain Pop – scary headlines can be worrying. This website explains the facts that can ease the worry for young children.

Young Minds – this website is dedicated to supporting and empowering young minds, whatever the challenge.

Young Scot – everything you need to know about COVID 19


Our children and young people are amazing, with your sensible guidance and reassurance, our children will be OK.

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