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Adopt London Choir – support families and staff can lean on

14th October 2020 Blog

Spaces available for new choir members.

The Adopt London Choir is a wonderful new initiative to support adoptive families and adoption workers, as we celebrate National Adoption Week. It provides so many benefits from a positive effect on mental health to meeting other like-minded individuals, and just experiencing that feel good factor. Watch the Adopt London Choir in action and see for yourself.

The Adopt London Choir is looking for new members, now in time for Christmas, and also in the future. The choir started in June 2020 as a means of offering an additional layer of support to families who may be struggling with the multiple challenges of being a parent, particularly during the COVID19 pandemic. The impact has been brilliant – here are just some of the great quotes from the choir members.

This choir somehow helps me feel linked to other families like mine, and that we are all in it together, and doing our best to give our kids and each other love and support.”

“I have been happier due to the love of singing and having something to look forward to, and bond with my son more as we listen and sing the songs together, it has also helped me with my emotions and self-doubt.”


Megan Tanner, a vocal coach, actor and foster carer runs the sessions virtually via Zoom and is enthusiastic about being part of this unique project. Members sing in their own homes to a backing track and each member records the song separately and a film is produced (for those who want to take part) and for everyone to keep.

There are spaces available now, or you can join a waiting list, and we particularly need some male (deeper) voices to balance out our sound. Whatever your ability or level of singing, we’d love to hear from you. Currently the choir are working on songs by Maroon 5, Cindy Lauper, Bon Jovi, Pink and Bill Withers, and a Christmas song.

“Megan gets everyone feeling part of the group, and gives us all confidence that we really can do it! She shows us high standards too,  and that matters  – so we feel proud of what we are doing, but we can also laughs at our mistakes, and Megan makes you feel that whatever you can bring the choir is good enough – and in fact great!

“Being part of the Adopt London choir has positively impacted my life.”

“Megan is such an inspirational leader, so enthusiastic, encouraging, vivacious, humorous and full of energy. I love the way she is so deliberate with her choice of songs – choosing from different genres to keep it interesting, but all with words or a theme applicable to our lives as adopters. It feels like we’re enjoying an hour of music ‘therapy’ together.”

“The Adopt London choir is the highlight of the week, and always leaves me- and my kids- buzzing and singing- even when they don’t even join in.”

The virtual Adopt London Choir meet every Tuesday for one hour at 7:30pm and work on around three songs every six weeks. If you are an approved adopter living in or connected to one of the 23 Adopt London boroughs or you are Adopt London staff, you can email Megan at to request a choir place, or to join the waiting list.

To find out more about the benefits of singing, read our blog.

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