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Adopt London Choir on BBC Breakfast

24th October 2023 News

We were delighted BBC Breakfast featured the Adopt London Choir as part of National Adoption Week. Producer Alice Key discovered Adopt London choir footage on YouTube and wanted to highlight the positives around the support for Adopt London families and staff. With the knowledge and skill of Choir Lead Megan Tanner, the group meet virtually every Tuesday to share their experiences that include the joys and challenges of adoption and supporting members through the power of singing together.

Huge thanks to adopted young person Ava, her parents Priscilla and Didi, adoptive mum Sophie, and Tom – who along with his partner is hoping to adopt again – for agreeing to be interviewed for the programme. Whilst not everyone in the choir takes part in the videos or is interviewed, by just being members, ensures the group continues to care and look out for each other as they journey through adoption.

Choir Lead Megan brings her experience, energy, and enthusiasm together to what is a unique and modern form of support for those in Adopt London. The children enjoy taking part too and look forward to seeing the other children and adults on screen who are all connected by adoption.

About the choir

Formed during the 2020 Covid lockdown, the Adopt London Choir has been and still is a lifeline for choir members. During the hour-long evening sessions members learn new songs and rehearse their favourites. We often have a Christmas video but also poignant songs are selected for the sentiment and meaningful words. Take a look at the Adopt London YouTube account to see a selection of videos from the group.

Thinking about joining?

If you are an approved adoptive parent living in or are connected to one of the 24 Adopt London boroughs, you can join the choir by emailing Megan at [email protected] for more information.

Megan Tanner ALC Lead

National Adoption Week 2023

The campaign for National Adoption Week – 16-22 October – highlights how adoption has changed through the decades and explores how adoption has shaped the lives of adopted people. Visit our page to see how the You Can Adopt team have highlighted through film and portraits, the stories of eight different people who were adopted between the 1960s-2010s. Each image features a backdrop of poignant words that bring to life how adoption has shaped, and continues to shape their lives.


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