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Adopt London announce new partnership with PAC-UK & Adoptionplus

22nd May 2020 News

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Adopt London have commissioned a bespoke therapeutic support service for adoptive families and for families caring for children under Special Guardianship Orders. This service is free and will support and benefit hundreds of families. Adoptionplus and PAC-UK are working in close partnership to provide this therapeutic support to families struggling with the multiple challenges linked to the pandemic.

How do I join:

You can refer yourself online or email  and request a call back.

Or you can call:

PAC-UK/Adopt London Helpline – 020 7284 5874 (open Monday to Saturday 7.00pm to 9.00pm)

PAC-UK regular Advice Line on 020 7284 5879 (open Monday, Tuesday and Friday 10.00am to 4.00pm and Wednesday and Thursday 2.00pm to 7.30pm).

What services are available?

Following the initial call, families will be offered follow-up support packages from PAC-UK, and if further therapeutic support is required, Adoptionplus therapists will provide a range of different therapeutic services including Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) Parent Consultations, specialist support for teenagers, attachment informed sensory regulation support and couple counselling.

Joanne Alper, Adoptionplus Director, said:

‘We’re delighted to announce this ground breaking new partnership. At a time when Covid-19 is forcing people apart and many are feeling alone and isolated, 23 London councils are coming together to support families in need. The current situation is clearly difficult for many people living and working in social isolation but can be particularly challenging for families caring for children who’ve suffered abuse and trauma. That’s why it’s so important for those families to have quick access to the specialist support they need during the next few months.”

“We have always believed in the healing power of relationships and this new partnership approach to the delivery of therapeutic support is a wonderful example of the benefits this can bring. In addition to working with 23 London boroughs, Adoptionplus is also pleased to be working together with PAC-UK to provide a helpful and responsive service to families at this difficult time.”


Who are PAC UK and Adoption Plus?

PAC-UK is the country’s largest independent adoption support agency, supporting over 5,000 people affected by adoption and permanency every year. Since December 2018, PAC-UK has been part of Family Action, a national charity committed to building stronger families and brighter lives.

Adoptionplus is a pioneering therapeutic adoption agency who have extensive experience in supporting some of the most vulnerable children and young people in the UK. Since September 2018, Adoptionplus has been run in partnership with children’s charity Barnardo’s.

These services are available now until 26 September 2020.

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