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Spring Garden Fun

13th June 2022 Blog

Lotty is a birth mum, an adoptive mum, a horticulturist and a landscape gardener. She shares a perfect craft activity to keep kids busy outside, collecting and creating.

As you get out and about at this time of year you will see all the new leaves on the trees and the buds on the flowers, it’s the ideal time to walk around and take note of the things you like; the colours you see, and the sounds you hear.

Encourage your little one and make a nature bracelet. Use Sellotape or sticky-backed tape and loop it around the wrist or arm with the sticky side up. Then as you take a walk around, add all the lovely leaves, flowers, grasses, and feathers you find creating a beautiful bracelet.

You could also collect up some lovely flowers or leaves and use a flower press to press them, after a few weeks you can open the press and use the pressed flowers to create cards or pictures for pictures, or friends and family.

Enjoy the outdoors!

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