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Celebrating Adopt London’s Diverse Community

6th November 2020 Blog

Adopt London is a partnership of four regional adoption agencies providing adoption services for 23 diverse London Local Authorities. We work closely with children’s social workers to find the right family for every child. Our specialist family finders are looking for new loving families every day for our London children.

Did you know our adopters are just as diverse as the London communities that we represent?


  32% of our adopters are Black


  39% are from our LGBTQ communities


Two dads Adopt London 32% are Gay men


The adoption process 20% are single


If you are thinking about adoption, why not bring your questions to one of our Q&A sessions facilitated by our expert adoption staff and adopters.

The latest Adoption and Special Guardianship Leadership statistics published last week, show there are currently around 2,400 children waiting for adoption but fewer than 1,800 approved adopters who are ready to give them a home.

There are lots of myths and misconceptions about adoption, and we don’t want you to rule yourself out based on those, so let us address your concerns and provide some advice about how you can best prepare yourself.

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