Carrie and David Grant celebrate with Adopt London

5th March 2020 News

Adopt London celebrated its official launch in the capital this week. Celebrity couple Carrie and David Grant – who have four children, including their adopted son, joined representatives from the four Regional Adoption Agencies (RAA) making up Adopt London.

The TV presenters, probably best known as judges on the talent show, Fame Academy, as well as for their regular slots on a range of shows from The One Show to Songs of Praise, encouraged couples and single people from all backgrounds to seriously think about adoption, and how they could make a difference to a child’s life.

With three children who have a range of complex needs, and an adopted son with special needs, the couple spoke about some of the joys and challenges they have faced while raising their children.

Carrie and David said:

“Raising children with additional needs has been both challenging and fantastic. We’ve learned so much as family and we feel privileged to have been able to adopt a child. There are so many in care and in need of a family.”

Annie Hudson, chair of the Exec Board for Adopt London, said:

“This is a first for London and sees 23 of London’s local authorities joining forces to speed up the process for people waiting to adopt children while also helping to cut down the length of time that children spend waiting to be adopted.

“Adoption is both rewarding and fulfilling and can make a real difference to both the child’s and the adult’s life. It’s important that we attract people from all parts of the community and that no one rules themselves out from adopting a child.”

Who is Adopt London?

Adopt London is made up of four London regional adoption agencies in the North, South, East and West areas of London. They work together to provide adoption services for 23 of the 32 London local authorities. You can apply to adopt with Adopt London if you live within an hour’s commute to any of the Adopt London offices.

You could be an adoptive parent

If you would like to know more about becoming an adoptive parent, you can sign up to any information session with any of the four London RAAs. Within a year you could be the parent you have always wanted to be.

Adoption is a life-long commitment, not just for the child, but for you too. Your life will be enriched with children in your home, or by extending your family, and children needing adoption will have the chance of a brighter and better future. Like all parenting, there are challenges, and for children who need adoption, their needs can be greater and need a more nurturing and supportive style of parenting. We will help you and provide training and support. If you want to find out more, contact one of the teams today or select an information session.

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