Meet The Adopters with Adopt London South

13th October 2020
6:00 pm — 8:00 pm
Virtual Online Meeting

Come and hear about adoption from the experts…  the people who have been through the process and are now parents…  the adopters.

This event is for prospective adopters to listen to a panel of adopters talk about their life as adoptive parents. We have a number of adopters from many walks of life such as single adopters, same sex couples, adopters from different ethnic backgrounds, those who have adopted single children, babies through the early permanence scheme or sibling groups as well as adopters who have come back to do it all over again for a second time.

They have all had different experiences – good and bad and speak openly and honestly about their experiences of working with social workers through the assessment period, as well as what it is like parenting their children.

You will hear about how they were matched with their child, introductions, contact with birth families, accessing support and education, life as a family and the reality of parenting a child with a traumatic past. Come along, listen, and ask questions to create an interactive event.

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