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The best examples of the families and children we’ve matched are when they share their personal journeys in their own words, so here we tell some of the stories of real life adoptive families. They share from the very start of their journeys through to the experience of assessments, matching, and parenting. The children’s profiles are examples of the types of children that wait the longest for an adoptive family.

Adoption Stories


Joshua’s story

After five failed courses of IVF, it was a friend who brought up the idea of adoption.

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BME YouCanAdopt

Jennifer’s Story

It’s easy to get caught up in specifics on ethnicity but my advice to adoptive parents is that it’s best to be open minded so that you can be placed with the child that’s right for you and your family.

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BME Process Single

Yasmin’s Story

Coming from a Caribbean background, it's deemed important to have your own biological children.

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Children Matching

Asye and Hakim’s story

Our son has a medical diagnosis called Spina Bifida, with a high chance he will need a wheelchair. When we saw his photo, we wanted to know more.

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Siblings Single

Sarah’s sibling story

Nothing can beat the feeling of knowing, as you watch your children laugh and play together, that you are the reason that they are still together.

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BME Single

Fran’s Story

I see my daughter as a child born out of my heart .... She is now 8 years old and I help to preserve her identity by visiting the countries we originate from, eating cultural foods and discussing our history.

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LGBT Transracial

Kirk’s story

There was no caution or question marks with him, it was just "yes", so we were over the moon when we were given the thumbs up for a transracial placement.

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BME NationalAdoptionWeek

Henrietta’s Story

One piece of advice she would give to other people in the community considering adoption is: “Go for it, don’t let anything hold you back.”

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SEN Siblings

Louise and John’s story

When the children first came to live with us, we were completely shell shocked! Socialising at toddler groups was tricky, because you can't talk about your pregnancy.

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Carol’s Story

To anyone in the black community considering adopting, I’d say there are a lot of black children needing homes and that we are their best chance.

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