It’s National Adoption Week 18-24 October. Watch the new #youcanadopt campaign film.

You Can Adopt – it’s rewarding like nothing else!

16th September 2020 Blog

The #YOUCANADOPT campaign has been created by a cross sector of Regional Adoption Agencies, Voluntary Adoption Agencies and other key stakeholders around adoption in England, supported by the Department for Education.

The campaign aims to change perceptions around adoption by breaking down common myths and ensuring people feel eligible and capable to adopt. Additionally, the campaign aims to target potential parents from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds as these children traditionally wait longer for a new adoptive family. Older children, sibling groups and those with complex health needs and or a disability can also wait longer to be placed with an adoptive family.

The families in the film are a true reflection of the types of families needed to adopt children. They are single, couples, gay or straight. Many you won’t recognise, and some you will.


Singer and mum of two, said, “I would definitely encourage others to consider adoption. I always knew I wanted children and I tried everything from IVF to surrogacy to have them. All of those journeys led to heartbreak, except adoption. The feeling of finally becoming a mother was almost indescribable; it’s just everything. It was everything I wanted and more. I love my children more than anything and I always say that love is thicker than blood.”

Carrie Grant

Vocal coach, TV presenter and mum of four told us, “Our adoption journey began over eight years ago when we adopted our son, Nathan. We already had three biological children, but we had room in our hearts and knew we had the opportunity to offer another child a loving home. Adopting our son wasn’t an easy thing to do, but it was the right thing to do and a fantastic thing to do. He’s a Grant now, every bit as much as his sisters. I’d encourage anyone thinking about adoption to take the first step and find out more. It’s been such an incredible journey for our family.”

Joy Carter

Writer, comedienne and adoptee, said: “It was a pleasure meeting all the different families and collaborating with them on this project. I was adopted when I was a baby, so the stories they shared with me really resonated. Every child needing adoption has a story and I hope by bringing some of those stories to life, people realise the difference they can make if they choose to adopt. I hope the poem and video will help encourage people to register their interest in adopting and help a child find a forever home. I’m really lucky that my parents gave me mine.”

To find out if adoption is right for you, sign up to an online Adopt London information event. Have your questions answered and hear the facts about adoption. #YOUCANADOPT

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