Heather and June enjoy a close sibling relationship. The girls were removed from their birth family due to on-going concerns about neglect, domestic violence and alcohol misuse.

Heather aged four, is a confident, curious, sociable and an affectionate little girl who enjoys the company of others. She can be bossy, especially towards her younger sister but at the same time is protective and takes on a mothering role towards her. Heather occasionally tests the boundaries, which is typical of her age. She loves receiving one-to-one attention.

June aged three, is a cheerful, cheeky and active little girl, who enjoys playing and socialising. She enjoys the company of others but tends to approach others in a more boisterous way than Heather. Heather and June both love going to nursery, where they are popular with the other children and are making good progress. Heather has some speech and language delays but these are not of much concern and she is expected to catch up with continued nurture and consistent care.

The girl’s emotional and behavioural needs have been complicated by their early experiences. They need to be placed in a two parent family who can offer them a nurturing, stable and secure home that can provide lots of fun, support and one-to-one attention. They would benefit from an active and energetic family, but who can also provide the girls with a calm environment. It would be preferable for the adopters to have had some prior experience of parenting or working with children. Their adopters will need to be able to demonstrate a good understanding of the girl’s attachment needs and appreciate that Heather may revert to taking on the role of caring for June. Adopters will also need to be sensitive to Heather and June’s life story and support the girls to make sense of the loss and separation that they have endured.