Developmental delay

Danny has a lovely, cheeky personality. He loves to be busy and enjoys soft play, toddler groups, playing outdoors, climbing, running and especially likes bouncing on the trampoline. He is an active and inquisitive young boy who is strong willed and has a determined character. He has lots of energy and is constantly active.

Danny enjoys being around other children and plays alongside them. He is much improved at sharing but will sometimes run off with a toy. Emotionally Danny is settled, though fiercely independent, he likes to do most things by himself, for himself. Danny is learning to seek comfort and reassurance in trusted adults. Due to his early upbringing and family environment Danny requires a supportive and stable home life that will promote healthy behavioural, emotional and social development and provide constant reassurance to Danny to enable him to develop positive and secure attachments.

Developmental Delay - Danny's Story

There are some concerns around the possibility of Danny having disordered attachment development due to the neglect he received in the family home after birth. There may also be some signs of developmental delay, as Danny’s understands more than he can say, and his speech is delayed. Danny is a really active little boy and will not focus on one task for more than a few seconds, which may also need to be explored as he becomes older, as he can be impulsive and can struggle to respond to directions and instructions.

Danny requires a loving family that provides consistent boundaries, reassurance and encouragement so that he can thrive in a positive and familiar family routine. This family will need to accept the possibility of some uncertainty around his future development and be prepared to promote and encourage contact with his brothers and sisters.

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