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Some People – A Young Person’s View

2nd December 2020 Blog

An adopted young person has written an extraordinary poem about their early life experiences. They wanted to share this emotional insight.


Some people

Some people know what it’s like

to be called a mistake in front of their friends

to be short on food

to be short on water

to be short on luxuries

to wait in a smoke-filled room, for someone to love you

to wait another year to get settled in a stranger’s house

to be half strangled by your unknown pain

to talk into a banana, asking where the nearest bed lay

to talk into a banana to say you’re lost with no-one listening

to be out of love

to be out of hope

to be out of knowledge

to be in a care home

to be on a merry go round with no escape

(sorry, I’m lost where’s my mum?)

to be in child care

to be in a loving family

(sorry, who are you?)

to be loved

to be hugged

to be comforted

to be looked down upon by a hopeful face

to be walked beside

to be proud

to be home, in a place so accepting



By an Adopted Young Person, aged 18. Adopt London South



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