At Grandparents Plus, we’re the leading kinship care charity and we’re here for you.

29th May 2020 Blog

At Kinship we are working hard during the health crisis to support families who have specific concerns and needs. We are pleased to work with Grandparents Plus – the kinship care charity, to support your kinship family through the pandemic and its aftermath. Kinship Response is the Grandparents Plus membership service for all special guardians in your local authority during the COVID-19 crisis. Here at Grandparents Plus, we’re the leading kinship care charity and we’re here for you.

By registering free for the new year-long support package, local kinship families with SGOs can get tailored advice, practical resources and support, including:

• Home schooling and managing children at home
• Facilitating contact with birth parents during lockdown
• Improving digital confidence
• Advice and information about financial support
• Access to online peer groups to connect with other kinship families in the area
• One-to-one emotional and practical support from a dedicated support worker
• Priority access to our specialist kinship care advice service
• Join a virtual support group that meets regularly via Whatsapp, Facebook or Zoom video calls
• Become a member of our Kinship Community of over 7,000 incredible kinship carers.
• Join our live regional Facebook advice surgeries and ask questions to help you in your caring role
• Visit the Grandparents Plus website for lots of up to date information that will help you during COVID-19

How do I access the free service?

Call our Kinship Response priority line on: 0300 033 9851 Monday-Thursday 10am-2pm. Or complete this online self-referral form

Join our Kinship Community of over 7,000 kinship carers here for free. It only takes 2 minutes to sign up and you’ll receive regular e-newsletters with updates from the world of kinship care, including latest information and advice, new services and support near you and share stories from other kinship carers.

How this will help you:

You can talk to other special guardians and share experiences – sometimes it just helps to know other people are going through the same things.

Hopefully we’ll be able to help you understand that you can get through this – we’ll help you cope with stressful things like family relationships or even your children’s behaviour.

We’ll help you understand what benefits you might be entitled to and where you can get other financial support.

Ready to speak to someone?

Let us help you to find the advice you need