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As well as the joys of adopting a child, we know there are challenges too. The Adopt London North (ALN) support team are here to help. If you are an adoptive family living in any of the ALN boroughs; Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey or Islington, or your child was adopted from any of these boroughs, please contact us and we’ll check the support you are eligible for.


Telephone: 020 7527 4777 (select Option Two)

For help and advice during the current lock down, please contact us and visit our COVID-19 information page.

If you would like useful resources, articles and tips for you and your family during this time, you can visit our Adopt London news and blogs or view recommendations by We Are Family members.

There are a number of ways that we can support you and your family before, during and after the Adoption Order is granted.

The ALN support team can recommend a number of services who can support your child throughout their childhood. The Adoption Passport (from First4Adoption) lists some of the areas where you can expect support.

Education support

The Department for Education recognises the long term impact of trauma and loss for children who live in adoptive families. Adopted and permanently placed children may experience a range of difficulties at school, including problems coping with change and transition, relationship difficulties with adults and other children, and difficulties managing their emotions and behaviours. All of this can have an impact on their learning and emotional wellbeing. The ALN education information can be found here; from early learning to details of the local authority Virtual School and our education support with PAC-UK.

Local information and advice

We also encourage you to seek support from your local authority Family Information Service, for more details, click on the borough where you live; Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney Haringey or Islington.

Therapeutic support

Adoption Support Fund (ASF) recognises that some adopted children need therapeutic support at some point during their childhood. The ASF is there to diagnose and provide therapy to those children and families who need it.

To access the Fund, you will need to have an assessment an adoption support team. The local authority or Regional Adoption Agency(RAA) that placed your child with you is responsible for assessing your adoption support needs for three years after the adoption. After three years it becomes the responsibility of the local authority RAA where you live (if different). Where the social worker identifies that therapeutic services would be beneficial to your family, they will apply to the ASF on your behalf, who will release funding to the local authority. For more information visit Adoption UK.

The ASF can provide funding for a range of services, including:

  • supporting your child with their behaviour
  • settling into the family home
  • making relationships
  • expressing their feelings
  • worrying behaviour, like clinginess, anger and self-harm

Please contact the team at ALN to check which RAA can assess you.

The Government have provided additional funding as part of the ASF for families during the COVID-19 containment period. Full details will be listed on our COVID-19 support page soon.


Support groups with ALN

We are following Government advice for the containment of the COVID-19, so our support groups are currently on hold, but once resumed, we usually host:

  • Saturday workshops for the parents of adopted teenagers. As well as receiving practical advice, it is also a chance to meet socially with families who often share the same experiences.
  • a welcoming and friendly group for adopted adults to meet up every other month in North London. It is run by adopted adults for adopted adults. A range of speakers are invited and each meeting usually has a topic for discussion.
  • Family fun days, where we have a party for our adopted children and their families, giving them a chance to meet other families like theirs and have a chat, make new friends or share stories and support each other. Social workers are on hand to offer advice and catch up with you and your children.

Great partnerships with ALN

We Are Family

We Are Family (WAF) is an independent adoption support community that operates in and around London. Membership is free and open to adopters and approved prospective adopters. You can join here. They run peer-to-peer (i.e. parent-to-parent) events such as parent support groups, playgroups, family meet-ups, parties and socials. They also provide many opportunities to connect online, such as local group meet-ups on Zoom, webinars, blogs, a private Facebook group and other member resources on their website. All events are designed and run by adopters, on a voluntary basis. Rather than offering advice, they offer community. They say it takes a village to raise a child. WAF wants to build those villages.

New Family Social is the UK network run by LGBT+ adopters for LGBT+ families. As a member you have access to independent and practical support, they have support group meetings around the UK, access to a secure online forum and host some awesome camping trips for all the family.

Adoption UK is a charity set up by adoptive parents. Members have access to local support groups with a programme of events including local meetings, coffee mornings, events and family fun days. All coordinators are adoptive parents, so as members you will meet experienced adoptive parents who are further along the path of adoption.  They can share strategies and experiences. Adoption UK also enable adopted children to meet other adopted children in their local area.

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