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Adopt London South Support

At Adopt London South we understand that adopted children have often had a difficult start in life and can struggle with relationships, making sense of their past and making attachments to their family and routines.

Contact us for support

For any enquiries relating to Post Adoption Support, please e-mail us at the where the mailbox is regularly monitored. We welcome e-mail enquiries, which are often progressed quicker.

Alternatively, if you feel you would like to speak with someone, call 020 7525 4491. The Post Adoption Helpline is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 1.00pm. Outside of these hours, please leave a message with your name and contact details and a Social Worker will endeavour to contact you the next working day.

For any enquiries relating to Letterbox, please email the Letterbox Team or call on 020 7525 1376.

If your enquiry relates to Adopted Adults then please e-mail

For any enquires regarding an interest in Adoption, then please contact the Recruitment Line, via email  or call 020 7525 1746.

Support from Adopt London South

If you wish to contact the Post Adoption Support Service for additional support services for your family we assess your family’s needs and will refer you for one of the following services:

  • Virtual outreach clinics by appointment only
  • The Adopt London South Advice & Consultation Service
  • PAC-UK Advice Line on 020 7284 5879 (open Monday, Tuesday and Friday 10.00am to 4.00pm and Wednesday and Thursday 2.00pm to 7.30pm) or via email:
  • Themed Workshops & Training including the Great Behaviour Breakdown (GBB), Non-violence Resistance (NVR), Saturday Workshops and Adopter led workshops such as Attachment Sense, Sensory and Life Story work
  • One-off consultation with a psychotherapist by referral
  • A Transracial Adoption Support Group for adopters with children, prospective adopters without children and adult adoptees.
  • Signposting (and referral where necessary) to other appropriate services and or support groups.

Our Post Adoption Support Team endeavours to provide an initial response to your query needs within five days at point of receipt. However if your circumstances become more difficult please call our helpline and request a telephone consultation with one of our experienced social workers.  They will contact you back to arrange a time for the consultation.

Please be advised that we prioritise existing Adoption Support Funding (ASF) applications for further funding to minimise disruption to current therapies where this is appropriate and continues to meet your family’s needs.

Workshop for Adopt London South Adopters - Non Violent Resistance (NVR)

June and July 2022

Are you struggling to manage your child or young person’s behaviour? Look no further, NVR can help!

The Non-Violent Resistance parenting approach has helped thousands of families to change their lives. Parents and carers report increased confidence in their parenting,  improved relationships within the family, and a reduction in behaviours of concern.

NVR has been implemented in a wide range of family situations, including child on parent violence, drug/alcohol misuse, verbal abuse, self-harm, controlling behaviour, and eating disorders. NVR can be used with children from around 5 years old, right up to adulthood.

The training is only open to Adopt London South adopters who have a child/children placed with them. If you would like to enroll on this six week course please email – by 5 pm on 31st May 2022 so we can register you and provide login details. We have limited spaces available on a first-come first-served basis.

Join The Adoptables

The Adoptables is a social group for adopted young people that provides those between the age of 8 and 18 a platform to talk about their unique life, school, their adoption experiences and develop relationships with other adopted young people.

The young people are also encouraged to share their views on adoption-related topics, to help shape our adoption practices and influence the development of ALS service. Take a look at the Adoptables logo that one of the adopted young person created, and an acrostic that the under 12s group created.

A – AMAZING, Awesome
D – Depressing, Dramatic, Demanding
O – Optional, Ordinary
P – Parents, Petrifying.
T – Terrifying, Terrific, Therapy, Terrible
A – Adorable, Annoying, Adoption
B – Brave, Behaviour, Brilliant
L – Lovable, Lovely,
E – Extraordinary, Exciting,
S – Super, Supportive, Superb, Special, Social Workers

Get Involved – If you are an adopted young person and would like to be involved meet with other young people like you please contact:

Support during the Pandemic and beyond

We have identified a number of membership services that may interest some families during the pandemic.

WAF Talks deliver 2-3 webinar events a month during COVID-19 and beyond, to provide specific information relevant to parents at this difficult time. All WAF Talks webinars and meetings are recorded for future access by WAF members, so you never have to miss out. For more details about future webinars, see our blog. All events are designed and run by adopters, on a voluntary basis. Rather than offering advice, they offer community.  To access WAF Talks sign up for a free WAF membership visit their website.


The National Association of Therapeutic Parents (NATP) offers a range of support group services, peer support online, a members hotline for 1-2-1 consultation, listening circles,  plus training and advice to families. This short video will help to explain more about the NATP services. Please call on 01453 519000 to discuss membership and its benefits.

Comments, Complaints and Compliments

If you wish to make a complaint, provide a compliment or comment about the Adopt London South Post Adoption Support Team please email the Service Manager,  If you wish to make a complaint about your child’s Local Authority please refer to that Local Authority’s complaints service.

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